Creamy yellow split pea soup

There is nothing better than a creamy warm soup. Especially this one, creamy yellow split pea soup! I used to love this soup when I was little. It is very creamy, hearty, and super filling. This soup is perfect for lunch or dinner, and it will make you satisfied, because of the high amount of protein.

However, you can make soup from basically any vegetable or legume you have at home. I love adding different types of vegetables or legumes to create such a unique taste. Also, don't forget about herbs! They will make your soup 100% better!

The whole process of making this soup is quite simple! The day before I soaked yellow peas in water, so they can cook a lot easier. It is actually very important to soak the legumes before! You can avoid possible indigestion (ie mainly if you are not used to eating legumes daily) Besides that, soaking will also shorten the cooking time! But don't forget rinse them properly before cooking. You can also change the water during soaking, it will make you less bloated. In the next step, I started cooking peas with water, when the peas were half-cooked, I added vegetables, bay leaves (which I recommend to cook together with legumes) and I cooked this soup until the vegetables and peas are soft. Then you just need to bled the soup and add seasoning and you are done. However, do not forget to remove bay leaves before mixing!

You can serve this soup with toasted bread, crackers, or just eat it by itself. This creamy yellow split pea soup is perfect for gloomy days and cozy evenings.

You can find full recipe in my video!

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300-400g yellow split peas (soaked overnight)
1 large carrot
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 large parsnip
2 cloves of garlic
1 onion
3 bay leaves
Seasoning (salt, pepper, and vegetable stock powder)


Rinse soaked split peas, add them in a large pot along with clear water and cook them for about 30 mins. After that, add in all the vegetables, bay leaves, water (if necessary) and cook for another 30 mins, or until veggies will be cooked properly.
Then remove bay leaves and blend the soup. Lastly, add seasoning and serve with fresh parsley, cracked pepper, and roasted sunflower seeds. Enjoy!

Creamy split pea soup

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