10 Ways To Prepare Your Photography Business For Q1 

2024 is just around the corner and now it's the best time to prepare your photography business for the upcoming year. Here I will show you 10 ways to prepare your photography business for Q1.

Photography industry trends are always changing and when you want to be successful you have to have a plan. Otherwise, you are going to be lost.

With these tips, I will help you start the new year on the right note. You will be prepared, and motivated and you will be on top of your business.

1. Create a vision board - Set clear goals

Just like you would create a normal vision board for your personal goals, you should create a vision board for your business. This way you are going to set photography business goals and things you want to accomplish.

Photography business planning is something I highly recommend especially this time of the year. If you want to succeed in the upcoming year you need to have a solid photography business strategy. It is essential.

Vision board

2. Update your portfolio

Q4 is usually the busiest time of the year. And you are probably working on some exciting projects. Updating the portfolio for the upcoming year is key if you want to stand up in this industry.

Portfolio refresh is always a good idea. You are presenting yourself in the best way so the clients are going to see your full potential.

Updating portfolio

3. Review and Update Equipment

Photography equipment update is something I'm so passionate about. New lenses are coming out every year and sometimes you just need to look at your old lenses and reevaluate their value.

The same thing applies to the camera body. Last year I had a DSLR and I decided that it was time to upgrade to mirrorless and it was the best decision ever.

So if you feel like you need an update - go for it! On the other side, if you feel like you need camera equipment maintenance, you know what you should do.

Camera lenses

4. Evaluate Pricing Structure

Financial management for photographers can be a little tricky. Especially if you are only starting out in this industry. But if you are doing this for a while and you feel like you are undercharging, it is probably best to do some photography pricing strategies.

Since we are photographers and work is at the beginning inconsistent it is best to think about client retention strategies. This way your income will be much more steady.

Calculating numbers in your business

5. Enhance Online Presence

Are you on Tiktok? Are you creating short-form videos? Or have you optimized your website?

All of those things are so important for your business. There are hundreds of potential clients out there. By posting regularly you are putting yourself out there and you can find clients way easier.

Checking social media on a phone

6. Diversify Revenue Streams

Diversifying income streams as a freelance photographer is something to look for. There are so many ways of having income as a photographer.

You can sell your images, courses, webinars, merch, or presets.

Working space with laptop and notebook

7. Make your photography workspace comfy

Nothing is worse than sitting in your office in an uncomfortable chair and undecorated environment. You need to feel good. That's why you need to make your workspace comfy and cozy.

If you are asking how can I make my desk more productive? I've got answers for you!

The most important thing for me is to tidy up every day. A clutter-free workspace can help you focus, boosting your productivity.

The other big thing for me is looking at some inspiration on Pinterest and decorating my desk to my likings.

The same thing applies to a chair. The comfy chair is a must when it comes to editing for hours.

Cozy working space

8. Why is planning important in photography

How do you organize a photoshoot? What is a photography plan? These questions are so important when it comes to photography business.

Planning makes life so easy in every aspect of your life. Planning in photography means having every project planned out exactly from start to finish.

By organizing your photoshoot you are saving your time and energy, and everything feels so smooth and effortless.

Photography planning is something that you should implement into your daily business practice.


9. Build a marketing and social media strategy 

Online marketing is a must in today's age. There are so many marketing tips for photographers that's crazy. The best part about this is that you can choose your favorite platforms for content creation.

Social media presence for photographers is so important. It allows you to create your personal brand and networks with others in your niche.

Social media marketing for photographers is something I highly suggest working on in the next year. Make it a priority and watch your business grow.


10. Self-Care for photographers

Self-care for photographers can look very different. But we need to make time for ourselves. In this industry, it is very easy to forget your free time, since this is more than just our hobby.

In the upcoming months don't forget to take time for yourself and do something fun. You deserve to relax and do something different than shooting or editing even though you love it.

By doing something else you will find a new inspiration and a new perspective on things.

Self care

These are my top favorite tips for the upcoming year. Now you are ready to prepare your photography business for Q1 and be on top of your photography business easily.

Apply all of those tips to your next year's plan and make your business grow from day one.

For more photography tips, check out my reels on Instagram.

Preparing photography business

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