Potato dumplings with plums

This recipe is so special for me because it reminds me of my childhood. I don't know about you but I used to eat these potato dumplings with plums every summer! These dumplings are definitely a favorite dish of my childhood.

This recipe is so versatile. You can fill them with whatever fruit you want. But the combination of sweet and juicy plums with poppy seeds is just the best! This is a traditional dish served everywhere in the middle of Europe. It is traditionally served with grounded poppy seeds or walnut meal, cinnamon, butter, and sugar.

These potato dumplings with plums are simply amazing. That's why I decided to transform this recipe into a gluten-free version, and it turned out perfectly delicious. Instead of classic wheat flour, I used gluten-free oat flour and a little bit tapioca flour. I also added a few tablespoons of water and it was perfect! I filled the dumplings with plums, topped with ground poppy seeds, vanilla sugar, and vegan butter.

On my youtube channel, I made a similar video recipe. But I filled dumplings with blackberries and poured carob sauce on top. They were also great, but this recipe is a little bit more traditional. So it's up to you which one you choose, to make.

You can find a full recipe in the video.

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200g cooked and grated potatoes
100g glutenfree oat flour
1 tbsp tapioca flour
4 tbs water
vanilla caster sugar
vegan butter
grounded poppy seeds


In a large bowl combine potatoes, flours, and water. Form a dough. Fill each plum with sugar and cover with dough. Make small balls.
Meanwhile, in a large pot bring water to a boil and gently add each dumpling in and continue to boil until the dumplings float on top.
Serve with melted vegan butter and freshly ground poppy seeds. Enjoy!

Potato dumplings with plums

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