Sparkling sangria in a cup with fresh rosemary

Orange sangria recipe

Sparkling drinks are a must on New Year's Eve. But believe it or not, fancy cocktails are not that hard to make. Try this holiday sparkling sangria recipe for New Year's Eve and you will be surprised how easy making this recipe is!

Gingerbread cookies

Gluten-free & dairy-free gingerbread cookies

These gluten-free & dairy-free gingerbread cookies are the best cookies that you can make for Christmas. They have an irreplaceable aroma that makes them so unique. Make these cookies at the end of the year and celebrate the Holidays in the most festive way.

German crescent cookies with powdered sugar

German almond crescent cookies - gluten-free

Christmas is just magical. Everything is beautifully decorated, the whole family sits together and enjoy a good and tasty meal. With Christmas, there are several traditions, but cooking and baking are some of the biggest ones. So, I created another very delicious and easy recipe for gluten-free almond crescent cookies, which are vegan.

White coconut bliss balls

White Christmas coconut bliss balls

Creamy, smooth, and rich. This is how I would describe the texture and taste of these white Christmas coconut bliss balls. Coconut is one of those ingredients that makes anything more festive and special. This is why I love to make these bliss balls at the end of the year, for Christmas.

Linzer cookies dusted with powdered sugar

The best gluten-free Linzer cookies

Linzer cookies are traditional cookies to make during Christmas. Yes, you can enjoy them throughout the year, but they are a must-bake at the end of the year. These gluten-free Linzer cookies are simple vanilla butter cookies filled with strawberry jam. This combination is so comforting and very delicious.

Coconut bounty bars

Healthy vegan bounty bars

Coconut and chocolate is always a good combination. The soft coconut inside goes so well with crunchy chocolate on top. Did you know that you can make your own healthy vegan bounty bars at home?